Source code for shifthappens.config

"""Global configuration options for the benchmark."""

import dataclasses
import os
from typing import Any
from typing import List

[docs]@dataclasses.dataclass(frozen=True) class Config: """Global configuration for the benchmark. Config options can be edited by the following order: 1. By setting variables explicitly when getting the instance via :py:func:`shifthappens.config.get_config` 2. By setting an environment variable, prefixed as "SH_VARIABLE_NAME" 3. By relying on the default values defined in this class. """ __instance = None #: The ImageNet validation path. imagenet_validation_path: str = "shifthappens/imagenet" #: The ImageNet21k-P validation path. imagenet21k_preprocessed_validation_path: str = "shifthappens/imagenet21k-p" #: The caching directory for model results (either absolute or relative to working directory). If the folder does not exist, it will be created. cache_directory_path: str = "shifthappens/cache" #: Show additional log messages on stderr (like progress bars). verbose: bool = False @classmethod def _reset_instance(cls): cls.__instance = None @classmethod def _init_instance(cls, **init_kwargs): prefix = "SH_" for field in dataclasses.fields(cls): if in init_kwargs: continue environment_variable_key = prefix + if environment_variable_key in os.environ: init_kwargs[] = os.environ[environment_variable_key] return cls(**init_kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def get_instance(cls, **init_kwargs): """ Initializes config with provided arguments. If no arguments are provided, a new config will be initialized. Args: **init_kwargs: Values for initializing :py:class:`Config <shifthappens.config.Config>` fields. Returns: Initialized :py:class:`Config <shifthappens.config.Config>`. """ if cls.__instance is None: cls.__instance = cls._init_instance(**init_kwargs) elif len(init_kwargs) > 0: if cls._init_instance(**init_kwargs) != cls.__instance: raise ValueError( "Invalid configuration options specified. The global config " f"was already initialized with values {cls.__instance}, but a " "second initialization was requested with incompatible arguments " f"{init_kwargs}." ) return cls.__instance
def __contains__(self, key): return key in self.__dict__
[docs]def get_config(**init_kwargs) -> Config: """ Returns a global config initialized with provided arguments. This allows you to change defaults paths to ImageNet validation set, cached models result, etc. Note that reinitializing config will raise an error. For more details see :py:meth:`get_instance <shifthappens.config.Config.get_instance>`. Args: **init_kwargs: Values for initializing :py:class:`Config <shifthappens.config.Config>` fields. Returns: Initialized :py:class:`Config <shifthappens.config.Config>`. """ return Config().get_instance(**init_kwargs)
def __getattr__(name: str) -> Any: config = get_config() if name in config: return getattr(config, name) raise AttributeError(name) def __dir__() -> List[str]: config = get_config() return list(globals().keys()) + list(config.__dict__.keys())